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Confidently Grow and Scale Your Impact-Driven Business to Reflect the Real You!


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The Success Accelerator Code is specifically designed to increase productivity and prosperity
without having to work harder or longer.

The Success Accelerator Code is a powerful productivity program that gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to finally heal and get past core issues that cause self-doubt, limiting self-worth, and poor productivity.

When you get to the end of this program, you’ll feel lighter, move forward faster, and confidently complete your goals, resulting in the success you deserve, without getting stuck in the same old ruts that have kept you from succeeding in the past.

I Want This!

Here’s what people are saying about
the Success Accelerator Code Online Course

  • Self Health Institute

    This course puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. Many courses are overwhelming, but this one is easy to follow with short videos of demos and instructions. You deserve to know what’s holding you back and transform it into fuel for your future.


  • Self Health Institute

    I’ve suffered from perfectionism and procrastination my whole life. When I’ve tried to steam-roll through on goals, I’ve gotten injured or otherwise defeated myself and blocked myself from being more visible and serving more people. My pendulum and the clearings in this course are powerful allies for helping me be more productive in my business AND enjoy it more.

    Feldenkrais Practitioner

  • Self Health Institute

    I am amazed at how fast some old negative beliefs about myself are shifting. I am seeing the positive effects in relationships with friends, family and clients. I have more confidence that I can tackle projects that I have been putting off for a long time. I completed an important task to a positive outcome that I had postponed taking action for two years. These are skills I want to keep growing because they are helping me to live more fully and authentically.

    Massage Therapist

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Five modules with powerful, concise videos, targeted energetic instructions, downloads, and inventive journals that give you the tools so you can get back to being productive in just a few minutes, even when it seems like your workday is falling apart. Click the arrows to read more about each exciting Module.

  • Zero in on your goals so you can avoid roadblocks and walk straight into your dreams.

  • Get accurate answers to life’s most important questions so you can take the right action at the right time for fast, powerful results.

  • Identify which emotion is ruling your world so you can eliminate your not-so-productive times and take powerful actions that change the outcome of your business in the moment. Really get the important stuff done NOW.
  • Learn this life-changing process to QuickClear™ your inner game in a moment so you can get back to work fast,

  • Identify what’s bugging you, shift it, and move forward quickly so you can move confidently ahead with your plan.

  • Check in on your goals and vision to see how you can move ahead faster and easier.
  • Immediately clear out the issues in your tissues for a fast and easy restart so you can avoid the full blown entrepreneurial melt downs. We show you how, step by step (it’s all in the CODE).

  • Become a master of CoreTalk™ decoding so you can quickly recognize and release trapped emotions that create procrastination and perfectionism and have held you back in the past.

  • Dive into the deep issues that hold the key to long lasting transformation and success.
  • A quick and easy process (yes, it really is easy) to identify and remove Outdated and Limiting Beliefs forever, so they stop being your end game and start being your dream game.

  • Discover the beliefs under the beliefs that are driving your customers away (yes, they can really feel your stuff).

  • Encode the new, beautiful beliefs so you can have the Abundance you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Put it all together so you can get quick and lasting relief from stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, and negative behavioral patterns.

  • Integrate the transformation so you can move forward with your new perspective and not slip back into old habits.

  • Accelerate into the vision of your dream business.



The Energy Accelerator Code Program has three modules that show you how to work with your chakras, and energetic cords (those energetic manipulations that people put out when they’re trying to influence you.) Getting rid of this ‘sticky energy’ can have a huge, positive impact on your boundaries and relationships.  Plus, the course includes other cool stuff about protective energetic shields and how to deal with other psychic manipulations.




3 jam-packed, uplifting, hands-on days, full of powerful processes, inspiring demos, individualized healing, and transformative meditations.

Exercises designed to give you a total ‘I CAN GET IT DONE’ reset for your life and business.

Uncover and heal core issues that are undermining your success.

Create a Success Roadmap and put your most important goals into action now.


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In this individual CoreTalk™ session, we look at what issues are holding you back, and we’ll do immediate clearing work for those core issues. We’ll really focus on what you need and heal any blocks that keep you from taking action. Then, together we’ll create a plan so you can begin to really thrive and move forward.


We're Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee, and we get it.

You want to be further along on your journey than you are now.

We created Success Accelerator Code because we believe in your success and want you to be a powerful presence in the world.

For 28 years, clients have come to us to heal their bodies, retrain their brains, energize their spirits, and supercharge their life and business.

At Self Health Institute, your success is our business. We love using our signature CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing to heal and guide spiritual entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, speakers, and coaches toward amazing outcomes by transforming problems into Golden Opportunities.

We love helping people, just like you, get past self-doubt, overwhelm, limiting beliefs and chronic health issues so you can have the incredible life and impact you so deeply desire.

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Here’s what people are saying about
the Success Accelerator Code Online Course

  • Self Health Institute

    I felt like ME, vibrant, happy, secure and grounded. My heartfelt gratitude to Antonia & Greg and their amazing healing work. I have had the pleasure of their healing sessions on 3 occasions now. I was feeling my spirit and body were not in sync with one another and I did not feel grounded in myself. I was even having a hard time walking. After my first session, I felt like ME, vibrant, happy, secure and grounded.

    HR Specialist

  • Self Health Institute

    My food sensitivities literally disappeared. My stomach became flat, I didn't have any pain anymore, and my skin irritations went away. And not only that, but I actually had a sudden, severe health symptom come up, and the doctors said they didn't know what it was. I called Antonia and Greg, and they worked with me, and in one session, we discovered and decoded a negative belief, and it took all of that intense suffering away.

    International speaker, Best-selling author

  • Self Health Institute

    I immediately become more calm, grounded, and present. ‘Terror’ that I had been carrying since birth was freed, gone. It had been affecting my business and health. But now, I knew it was gone. Deeper and deeper peace rang through my body. I immediately become more calm, grounded and present.
    I’ve worked with many healers and have experienced many different modalities. Antonia and Greg are a rare find. If you have the chance to work with them (if you’re reading this right now, you obv. do!), follow your intuition. It knows best.

    Conversion Copywriter


What Do You Get from Success Accelerator Code?

Focus and Trust

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Gain laser focus and eliminate distractions to tackle your most critical tasks

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Make confident decisions that align with your true purpose

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Decode and dissolve the limiting beliefs that hold you back from productivity and profits

Visibility and Stature

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Expand your visibility so your reputation precedes you

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Show up fully YOU so that your ideal clients see YOU and what YOU have to offer

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Manage your emotions so you don’t have to medicate with food, perscriptions, drugs, or unhealthy relationships.

Clarity and Creativity

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Have more clarity about your unique talents so you can develop programs that capitalize on your strengths

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Express your creativity so you can experience ‘flow’ whenever you’re creating programs and systems

Calm and Thrive

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Decrease your anxiety so you can thrive in high stress situations where your performance makes a difference

SHI  400px X 400px Circle Images Create a deep state of calm so you can respond in a powerful way instead of being reactive


Five modules with powerful, concise videos, targeted energetic instructions, downloads, and inventive journals that give you the tools so you can get back to being productive in just a few minutes, even when it seems like your workday is falling apart.


$997 or 3x $397

✔ Bonus #1: Energy Accelerator Code Online Program

✔ Bonus #2: Activate Your Success Live Virtual 3-Day Event

✔ Bonus #3: 30 Minute CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing Private Session

✔ Weekly Live Calls when Course is given Live

✔ 3 Months Fast Track Transformation Monthly Group Calls

✔ Private Facebook Group

✔ Lifetime Access to Course and Event

✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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CoreTalk™ A system for healers, speakers, and coaches who want to expand their ability to heal themselves and their clients and take them to new levels of clarity, creativity, and confidence by connecting with their innate healing system using a step-by-step process.

Use this process again and again to heal whatever’s held you back so you can express yourself easily and let your unique voice be heard. Attract your ideal clients, and begin to thrive, make more money, and achieve calm, confidence, and health quickly and easily with CoreTalk™

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to making sure you get the results you want. If you complete the program within 30 days and you’re not getting results, we will get online and coach you. We’ll coach you until you get the results you want. We're dedicated to your success. When you take action with us, we take action with you. That’s super important to us, and we stand by what we do. So this is one-hundred percent risk free. When you take action, you will get your problems resolved.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to write us a

You'll receive immediate access to all the course material and will be invited to participate whenever the course is offered live once a year. The next live course will take place in 2024.

For each of the course videos and exercises, it will take about 20-45 minutes to complete for each module, depending on how deep you go into the exercises. If you want to practice the techniques, you can spend another 15-45 minutes a day or a week.

All the calls for the live courses are recorded and sent out to all the participants.

CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing actually helps you complete other courses because it removes your energetic barriers that create procrastination and self-doubt. So, yes, you can do CoreTalk™ in the Success Accelerator Code in combination with other courses and complete your other courses faster and easier!


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